Where do I find my study guide and how do I download it?

To find your study guide and download it, you need to first login to your account on rise2learn.com.

Then go to your courses and select section – PURCHASED to filter the courses. In addition, you can just scroll through your courses until you find the course you are interested in.

The next step is to click the Watch Now button below the course. If you want a study guide, you will be able to find it inside the course.

After you click that button, you will see a list of the modules, and you can see the Download button next to the modules that have study guides.

We will add a study guide for some of the modules. Not all modules have study guides and sometimes all modules are put together into one single file.

When you are ready to download, click the Download button, and it will start downloading your files

A second way to access the study guide is when you open a specific module it will have a download study guide button if there is a file attached to a module.

This button is located above the table of contents.

That is all you need to do to get your study guide in a PDF format. After you click the button, it will start downloading immediately.

All other course files that you can download work the same way regardless if you are download all the slides, slideshows, handouts, or other PDFs.