How do I recover my password if I forgot it or lost it?

Here are steps to recover your password.

Step 1

Attempt your normal login, but if you are struggling then at the bottom there will be a message that says “Lost your password?

You can visit the account page by click here.
Or you can directly visit the lost your password page by clicking here.

Step 2

Once you are on the reset password page, enter your e-mail and click the RESET PASSWORD button.

Step 3

After you click the reset password button, you will see a confirmation on your screen. The password reset email has been sent to your email inbox.

Step 4

Open your email, and you will see an email that will give you a chance to reset your password and your account.

At the bottom of that email, there is a link. Go ahead and click that link.

Step 5

A new page will come up allowing you to reset your password by entering a new password two times.

Make sure that your new password is strong enough.

Click the Save button once you are complete.

Step 6

After that, your password has been reset successfully, and now you’re ready to go.