What do I do if I have trouble logging in?

You might see this page when you are trying to log in.

You might have already tried your username or your email address while you are trying to log in. And just can’t get through.

Keep in mind that your username and password in rise2learn and tradersfly is not the same. Tradersfly.com is where the members post charts and video recaps. While if you are looking for video courses, that’s all on the rise2learn website.

Sometimes you get locked out because:

  • You shared your account and password
  • Multiple logins at the same exact time in different locations
  • Also if you try to log in multiple times in a short span of time – it’s going to flag you as trying to attack the website.

Steps to fix the issue:

  • Click on the ‘Lost your password?

  • It would ask for your username or email address. We recommend that you use your email address.

  • Or you could open the chat box and reach out to our team.