Why are some courses locked or I am unable to purchase them?

As you go through your courses page, you might have noticed that some courses are locked or currently not available.

One of the reasons for this is some of the courses are some of the courses are advanced and require other purchases before attending those courses.

In other words, you need to be a member in good standing in order to purchase this courses.

There’s a lot of different requirements for different courses depending on which ones are locked.

If you need help, by all means, please reach out through the live chat on the lower right.

In that way, we can assist you depending on your needs and expertise.

We are basically locking the courses because we found that some people that purchase the more advanced training materials get confused or not ready for the material. It just creates wasted time. They just spend watching courses and material they are not ready for and gets too overwhelmed for the process and it’s not a very good experience.