Which course should I start with first?

That’s a difficult question to answer because everybody is starting at a different point with different backgrounds and experiences. We also have different risk levels and tolerances and there are different types of trading.

In the website, you can have it modular. You can create your own lesson plan and guideline for what you are trying to achieve.

Example when you filter the courses in Stock Trading Courses, the first few courses are beginning and introductory courses.

The Accelerate Your Stock Market Education Course is all about learning how to properly learn to trade and invest in stocks. In that way, you’re not learning and focusing on the wrong material.

Then you get into Understanding the Stock Market and How It Works. That gets into basics, theories, concepts, how stocks work.

Stock Trading Foundation Course which involves charts, some technical analysis, and how to really start looking and scanning stocks a little bit more.

Anyone of the above is a good starting point.

Then, as you get more into detail, you might want to get into more technical courses.

If you are interested to start with books, you can pick up any one of them as a starting point.