Options Mastery #3: Iron Condor Updates

Iron Condor Course has been launched! Click here to visit the course page.

We’re getting close to launching the iron Condor course of its wanted to update you on some of the things that we have left to do prior to our soft launch and regular launch date.

To-do list and estimated dates:

Video creation and production:

  • Film the final videos April 2018
  • Render and edit the videos June 2018
  • Create the study guide

Sales and marketing:

  • Create the sales page on the rise2learn.com website
  • Produce the sales video
  • Check the member’s section is working properly
  • Setup the email newsletters for the launch
  • Test the checkout process

Launch projections:

  • July 1, 2018 – Soft launch to the newsletter list
  • September 2018 – Regular launch

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