Options Mastery #4: Calendar Course Updates

We will be posting a few updates here as we wrap up the final production of the Calendar course.

Here are the things we have left to do prior to our launch.

To-do list and estimated dates:

Video creation and production:

  • Film the final videos
  • Render and edit the videos (expected by Dec 10)
  • Finish the study guide (expected by Dec 20)

Sales and marketing:

  • Create the sales page on the rise2learn.com website (expected by Jan 5)
  • Produce the sales video¬† (expected by Jan 7)
  • Check the member’s section is working properly (expected by Jan 7)
  • Setup the email newsletters for the launch (expected by Jan 7)
  • Test the checkout process (expected by Jan 7)

Estimated Launch projections:

  • Dec 17, 2018 – Calendar Course Launch Date
  • Updated possible launch date: Jan 10, 2019

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Promotions / Discounts

  • Discount will be given during our launch for people who buy early into the course.
  • Huge discount will be given to people who have purchased the iron condor course in the past before Nov 14, 2018,¬†and purchase the Calendar course during the promotional launch
  • Large discount will be given to the early birds who purchase the Calendar course, but who have not purchased the iron condor course previously