Roadmap 2019: Update to Courses and New Things to Come

We got quite a lot done in 2018 and now we are off to 2019. Of course, there were a few targets we didn’t hit in 2018 and new things we didn’t release, but our intentions are still the same. For us, it’s about the direction we are heading. Setting goals all the time and not hitting them creates an endless loop of disappointment – instead of for our team we focus on our direction.

In 2019, we have a few new things to course correct and fine-tune our direction. We are working as much as we can, but still balancing our time with family, friends, health, and our personal lives.

Here are some of the things we have coming up and some estimated release dates…

Keep in mind that the dates are estimated and often times can be moved later by a month or two due to schedules, conflicts, or unexpected things that happen. However, if you are curious about what we have planned, then take a look below

May 2019

  • Upgrade Rise2Learn website – Completed July 2019

Aug 2019

Sept 2019

Oct 2019

Nov 2019

Dec 2019

Jan 2020

Feb 2020

March 2020

  • Video Marketing Blueprint Course


  • Launch Options Mastery #5: Diagonals
  • Launch Options Mastery #6: Butterfly


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